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At Academy Technology, we cover all aspects of digital marketing, including advertising, website building, content creation, and reputation management. We are here to get your business the exposure it deserves. We know exactly what businesses in the therapy space need to stay ahead of the competition—and get exceptional results.
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We increase customer traffic by enhancing awareness of our client’s location, products, and services. We create websites using WordPress with eCommerce and shopping cart options. Our websites help customers find the business and learn more about it. Each website is tailored to the specific business.

Reputation Management

Our services don’t just increase traffic and conversions. Our suite of tools provides businesses the scope to encourage existing clients to advocate and promote the business by leaving positive reviews and comments on social media, search engines, and related platforms.

Digital Media

Social Media and online listings determine a company’s online reputation. We give our customers a single dashboard to manage all their social media and listings. For experts in reputation-intensive industries, like doctors and hairdressers, we have advanced features and content creation services that give them an extra edge in the marketplace. We help businesses achieve customer conversions with an array of tools, including ad buys, SEO, SEM, email marketing, blogs, articles, forums, and more.

Business Automation

Automation can streamline operations and boost growth for any business, whether small or large. Using automation tools, you can replace manual labor with software and put your valuable human resources to other uses. With our marketing automation software, you can stop worrying about mundane repetitive tasks and automate marketing actions to free up much-needed time for yourself.

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